Seaside, Seasonal and Italian. The Sunday Trifecta | Fico

S U N D A Y S   I N   S I N G A P O R E


Straight out of an Italian playbook this East Coast restaurant has all the vibes you could want for the perfect Sunday lunch. With its terracotta paved floors and white gauze ceiling swaying in the sea breeze, you could almost believe you were dining under a Tuscan sun. 

Except it's not Tuscany that the Michelin-starred chef, Mirko Febbrile hails from, it's the other Italian masterpiece, Puglia. Previously of Braci, Febbrile has created a modern seaside oasis with Fico. 

The food is inspired by the rustic charm of Italy with seasonal ingredients, handcrafted pastas, fresh seafood, and a trolley full of desert choices. Simplicity is key here and sharing plates is encouraged. Their ethos is living better, not faster so you're invited to savour meals, good conversation and the fresh salty air.

What I love about this restaurant is their artisanal approach.  Not only in their approach to food but the ceramics are made by Puglia based, family-owned ceramicists, Ceramiche Nicola, Fasano. Likewise, the lighting has been brought in from Italian lighting company Parisi1876. The dining tables have been made in collaboration with local ethical furniture makers, Roger & Sons using felled trees and the landscaped settings have been designed by the always inspiring This Humid House.  

Beyond the delicious lunch Fico, with its expansive views and surrounded by green space is a dining experience that is hard to come by in Singapore.




1300 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 468964
(65) 8121 7208


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