With enviable colonial architecture and tropical greenery, Tanglin is sophisticated Singapore home to the lauded Botanic Gardens.

The scent maker of Tanglin is our Founder, Sam. The inspiration for Tanglin comes from the relationships that blossomed in the beautiful Botanic Gardens. From morning walks with friends, to qi gong in the healing garden to full moon picnics filled with storytelling and sharing, many of my favourite moments with women, some who I only just met, happened in this neighbourhood.

Our tanglin scent jouney

Singapore's Green Oasis: A Botanical Escape

The Singapore Botanic Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a verdant haven for nature lovers escaping the nearby bustle of Orchard Road. But Tanglin's charm extends beyond its iconic gardens. This district boasts fantastic neighborhood shopping and Michelin-starred culinary experiences at Dempsey Hill.

The Scent

This luxe botanical is like a morning walk through the gardens with soft florals unfolding in a jungle of green. With notes of energising citrus and lemongrass grounded by ancient pine, this candle will transport you to the ritual of jungle bathing, qi gong at the lake or sunset picnics with your favourite people.

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What to see and do in tanglin

Singapore Botanic Gardens

This sprawling 82-hectare garden is more than just a gorgeous green space, it's a beautiful glimpse into how people in Singpore live.

Early mornings in the gardens is filled with the energy of tai chi, qi gong, dance classes, meditation, and everything in between.

The National Orchid garden attracts thousands of tourists to explore the 60,000 plants including the iconic Phalaenopsis orchids to flamboyant Vanda Miss Joaquim, Singapore's national flower.

Thematic gardens like the healing garden, the evolution garden, and the popular Children's Garden bring people into their spaces to play, explore and discover.

Swan lake and it's majestic swans invite reflection, connection and awe and wonder in this otherwise busy little city.

Dempsey Hill

Originally a military barracks, Dempsey Hill is a tranquil hideaway and well-loved lifestyle destination. Surrounded by lush greenery, the little hill is filled with gourmet grocers, art galleries, antique shops, acclaimed restaurants, cafés and wine bars.

Originally a military barracks, Dempsey Hill has transformed into a tranquil hideaway and a well-loved lifestyle destination. Lush greenery surrounds this little hill, offering a charming escape filled with gourmet grocers, art galleries, antique shops, acclaimed restaurants, cafes and wine bars.

There is a huge choice of places to dine at but our picks include:


If you crave simple yet delicious lunch fare, Plank's sourdough pizzas are a must-try. We recommend the No. 11, featuring a delightful combination of sweet tomatoes, roasted garlic, and an oversized piece of burrata. With a small playground attached, it's a perfect destination for families. Find out more here

Burnt Ends

This is refined Australian BBQ at it's best. Consistently ranked in the upper echelons of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, Burnt Ends is a must visit for any foodie. Find out more

Deviate Wine Bar

Seek out this hidden gem! This small bar boasts a laid-back vibe and comfortable interiors, enticing you to return for more. Find out more


Behind this specialty butcher shop lies a hidden gem – a small bistro serving up excellent value steaks. While the ambiance might be simple, the quality of the steaks is exceptional. Find out more