The interplay between design and the cities we live in.

At Strait Lights, a passion for photography, design, and the vibrant streets of Singapore converge to create something truly unique.

We believe design, at its essence, is the symbiosis of our imagination and the environment that surrounds us. We approach our work with an authentic curiosity about how our surroundings, whether natural landscapes or urban environments, carry a unique energy and story. We create pieces that not only aesthetically beautiful but also intimately connect us with the spirit of a particular place and our memories in her streets. 

As a maker, the city is my muse. The tapestry of her streets, the colours, textures and shapes of the architecture is the inspiration. Leaning into her culture and magic, not only shapes my creative expression but it gives me a deep sense of rootedness, a feeling of belonging to this place, at this time.

Design for us is a powerful medium that allows us to tell stories and celebrate our connection to the world around us. Places hold our memories within their streets. We belong to them, sometimes for a day or two, and sometimes for a lifetime. Our Singapore bracelets celebrate this sense of belonging to the right here and right now. 


Singapore is a city where glistening skyscrapers sit alongside candy coloured shophouses. Modernity and tradition meet on the same street, and each neighbourhood tells a distinct story. The iconic streetscapes of Singapore have become the palette for our glass bead bracelet designs.

We draw inspiration from Singapore’s colonial architecture, Peranakan heritage, and the kaleidoscope of hues found within the streets. We fuse design and craftsmanship with modern sensibilities to create collections that celebrate the city and our place in it.

Our jewellery is more than adornment; they commemorate special memories, and serve as a reminder of people’s roots, or celebrate travels or adventures. Our Singapore bracelets are the perfect gift or Singapore souvenir. 

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