Once home to fruit orchards and pepper farms, Orchard is now a modern garden of earthly delights where style and sophistication effortlessly share space with heritage shophouses.

Orchard is close to our hearts. Not only was it the neighbourhood where our Founder Sam started her time in Singapore but we're still nearby! Because of this, we worked meticously with our scent maker Honey, to capture the energy and sophistication of this vibrant area.

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Orchard Road is Singapore's vibrant retail heart, a captivating blend of old-world charm and futuristic architecture. From luxury brands to homegrown labels, Orchard Road offers something for everyone. But there's more to this district than meets the eye.

Beneath the Surface

Don't be fooled by the elegant streetscapes. Orchard, like a majestic swan gliding on a lake, hides a bustling underbelly. Day or night, the underground maze of walkways buzzes with an energy fueled by the city's bright lights and sights.

The Scent

The beauty of Orchard lies in its contradictions. Embodying this, we worked with our scentmaker Honey, to pair the luxury and refinement of rose with a deep earthy moss to encapsulate the balance of feminine and masculine, new and old, chic and cultural.

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Find out more about our Orchard candle here.

Things to see and do in Orchard

While Orchard Road might be synonymous with shopping, it's also a place to explore Singapore's history, culture, and design scene. Here's our top picks on things to do in Orchard.

Take a wander through Emerald Hill

An unassuming paved pedestrian road in the middle of Orchard will take you to one of Singapore's preserved heriatge envlaves, Emerald Hill.

Once a nutmeg and fruit orchard, before becoming a Straits Chinese settlement during British colonial rule, this small neighbourhood is filled with beautifully preserved, Instagram worthy shophouses that make for a easy street walk.

Visit the bars in Emerald Hill.

The start of Emerald Hill has fantastic bars to get a cold drink after exploring the neighbourhood. We like:

No.5 Emerald Hill Click for details

This cocktail bar has been a fixture on Emerald Hill Road since 1991 so clearly they're doing something right. We love the vintage-esque chinese decor with original interior finishes and intricately carved timber. The red hanging lanterns above the bar give the place plenty of charm and make for great photo ops.

Alleybar Click for details

Colonial architecture meets contemporary mixology in this upscale neighbouhood bar. Sip on handcrafted cocktails that pay homage to the bar's heritage while you soak in the hum of the city just beyond its tranquil walls.

Visit the home of Singapore Design.

Design Orchard at 250 Orchard Road (see maps) isn't your average store that litters Orchard Road. It's a one-stop shop for Singaporean design. With over 100 local brands on display, find unique clothing, accessories, and homeware created by talented Singaporean designers. It's the perfect place to discover something special and support the local creative scene.

Strait Lights is a proud stockist at Design Orchard so you can head there to experience our scents in person and try on our bracelets.