Once home to fruit orchards, nutmeg plantations and pepper farms, Orchard is now a modern garden of earthly delights where style and sophistication effortlessly shares space with heritage shophouses.



Orchard is classic Singapore, where the old world charm of Emerald Hill sits juxtaposed against famously futuristic-looking malls. Just like a swan sitting gracefully on lake, it’s underneath where all the action happens. Day or night, the underground maze is constantly buzzing with an energy that only bright lights and city sights can garner. The beauty of Orchard lies in its contradictions. Embodying this, we have paired classic rose anchored by a deep moss to encapsulate the balance of feminine and masculine, new and old, chic and cultural.
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About The Woman behind this scent

The woman behind this scent is the absolute epitome of classic and cool and one of my favourite people ever. Hailing from Iran and growing up in Sydney, Honey Fidden made Orchard her home more than seven years ago. You'll often find her lunching in Dempsey, shuffling mahjong tiles or walking an extraordinary number of steps for the annual STEPtember charity drive.
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