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Reimagining Singapore's urban jungle in collaboration with watercolour artist Fleur Kakasi

If you've been following us for a while, you'll know we love to collaborate with other artists, designers, and creatives. Singapore has built a wonderous reputation for so many things including great food, glistening skyscrapers, clean streets, good healthcare and so much more. What's rarely talked about is the incredible creativity that pulses on this tiny little island.

For me, the power of collaboration is incredible. When done well, collaborations provide an opportunity to work outside our wheelhouse, stretch our innovation and imagination, combine perspectives to create new viewpoints and expressions. They can amplify our work and build our communities.  


The Collaboration

I had been following fellow Australian and River Valley dweller, Fleur Kakasi on Instagram for a while. Previously an architect before making the move into full time artist, Fleur's signature watercolour style layers botanicals, buildings, beasts and butterfly's to create whimsical scenes of cities and jungles. Often using a restrained colour palatte, the beauty in her work lies in depth and hues. 

Fleur posted a River Valley artwork she turned into t-shirts for her family, and I loved it! The seed was planted so when I finally met Fleur in person, the first thing I said was, "Hi I'm Sam and can we work together to expand into other neighbourhoods"  

Luckily, she wasn’t deterred by my over enthusiasm and six months later, we had a beautiful collection of eight watercolour prints representing some of our favourite neighbourhoods in Singapore.


The Artwork

The collection of eight unique prints each represent different neighborhoods: Sentosa, Bukit Timah, River Valley, East Coast, West Coast, Holland Village, Tanglin/Dempsey, and Sembawang.

Each piece captures the spirit and charm of its area, making it a perfect addition to any home. Rendered in Fleur's iconic indigo colour and woven in the symbolism of local flora and fauna, they offer a fresh perspective on the Singapore we know and love. Each design is framed within a traditional crest emblem, adding a touch of elegance and history.

From the roosters of East Coast to the otters of River Valley, each piece tells a story deeply connected to its locale. Printed on high-quality Italian FSC certified paper with archival inks, these artworks are made to be cherished and displayed with pride.

A Partnership Born of Passion

Working with Fleur has been amazing. We share a passion for creativity and a commitment to bringing something beautiful and meaningful to our community. We both draw inspiration from our environment and a desire to highlight the unique character of its neighbourhoods.

At Strait Lights, we strive to create products that evoke a sense of belonging and place. Partnering with Fleur allowed us to expand this vision in an exciting new way. Our combined efforts have resulted in a collection that not only looks stunning but also resonates on a deeper level.

If you would like to bring a piece of this unique collaboration into your home, we can’t wait to share it with you. Click here to explore the collection and learn more about our journey with Fleur Kakasi.

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