EASt coast

scent story

Where charm and cool coalesce, this once seaside retreat is now a thriving melting pot of cultural history and contemporary finds.



Home to one of the coolest neighbourhood’s in the world, East Coast is where cultures converge and history coexists with the now. This vibrant, eclectic seaside neighbourhood blends modern meals with hawker delights, and stylish boutiques sit alongside picture-perfect rows of shop houses. In the home, our East Coast candle brings an intoxicating scent of rich and spicy Amber, enveloped in the lightness of marine salt lingering on fresh air. It transports you to long cycles or meandering walks through this charming enclave, catching up with friends and celebrating Singapore’s kampong spirit.

About The Woman behind this scent

Do you have a friend who has it all together? Effervescent and glamorous, masterfully juggling corporate life and being a fabulous mum? I do, and she is East Coast personified - fun, fabulous and the most incredible friend anyone could ask for. Desiree has travelled from South Africa to Melbourne before making a home in Katong. She absolutely sparkles with smarts, kindness and a sincerity that can’t be beat.
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